Program Details


Details on NASC programs...

The lessons that we offer are intended to introduce the people of Northern Alberta to the sport of sailing. What we offer is well maintained boats, access to good sailing waters, quality instruction and lastly evaluation according to Sail Canada standards.

Sailing is a sport that requires balance and some strength. As such we tailor our lessons to meet your needs based on your age, experience and size:

Junior, Youth and Adult programs will be drawing from the same Sail Canada CANSail program, but will differ in the way that skills are presented and also to the type of boat used for instruction. Evaluation is skills based and is ongoing. Our goal is to teach skills, not grant certificates, though we will present certificates to students who attain any of the CANSail levels.

For those seeking higher levels of skill development (CANSail 3 and greater) we recommend that students join local sailing clubs and further develop their skills through the kind of practice and competition that only a sailing club can offer.

Details on Club Programs...

NASC is pleased to provide coaching to junior and youth members of sailing clubs on lake Wabamun. Sessions will be offered to members of the Wabamun Sailing Club and the Edmonton Yacht Club. They will consist of a series of half-day Saturdays spread throughout the summer. The goals of the programs offered at the various clubs will vary, but in general the idea is to get kids from 8 to 17 sailing independently of their parents and to have them develop the beginnings of a lifelong passion for sailing competitively and or recreationally.

To get additional information about the programs, please see the various club websites for upcoming details of their Junior Sailing Programs.

What to expect...

By registering for our classes, all of our clients will be registered with Sailing Canada's CanSail program which means that skills attained and progress made will be assessed and tracked using the Checlick Program. This program allows us and our clients to view progress made and keep track of where they are at on a continuous basis. This ability is also very handy for those wishing to further their sailing education elsewhere in Canada.  The level that you may eventually attain is dependent upon many factors; weather and student motivation being two big ones. We hope to encourage our students to come to love the sport of sailing as much as we do, regardless of levels obtained. We are emphasizing the fact that we offer continuous instruction and evaluation, as such we are not offering lessons for specific certifications.

Juniors who weigh in at less than 120 lbs, can expect to be sailing a single handed (1 person) sailboat called an Optimist, others will be using a two handed boat called a 420. The same skills can be taught using either boat, the difference is in the size and strength that the boats require to be effectively sailed.

We offer different configurations of dates, such as consecutive Sundays and midweek dates, please see the Lessons Registration page for more details.

More Information...

For more information on sailing, check out the following great resources:

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